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Your Source for Premium Wines from Around the World

Importers, Marketers, and Brokers of Fine Wines.

Vino Logics is one of the leading importers and are master brokers of premium wines in the United States, representing a global network of acclaimed producers. 

The Vino Logics Difference

We use a collaborative and thoughtful approach to meet each of our client’s unique set of objectives; to effectively build brands, to maximize sales, and to get product into the hands of target consumers. That includes:

  • Access to a diverse and award-winning portfolio of wines to satisfy all your customer needs.
  • A fully developed national distributor network that makes it easy to place orders and get timely deliveries.
  • Proven results driven marketing plans and longtime industry savvy to help you maximize sales.


Meet lan Davies, President and CEO

Ian Davies, founder, president and CEO of Vino Logics, brings decades of experience navigating the hospitality and beverage industries. Today, he guides the company’s brand building, sales and marketing efforts throughout the United States.

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